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Dr. Jim Richards


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CImpact CyberChurch

Starting Over

Every day God's mercy is ready to transport all of us to the place in our heart where we can start over without the limitations of past failures. Join me this week as we explore God's capacity to start over with no limitations!
CImpact CyberChurch

Keys to the Kingdom

We have been provided the key that opens a door in our heart giving entrance to a place where we access all the resources of God! Millions of believers stand outside discouraged when their key doesn’t open the door. Join me this week and I will help you find the key Jesus Himself has given you.
CImpact CyberChurch

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Jesus taught that before we enter into prayer we should experientially connect to God as Father. Sons are joint rulers of their Father’s kingdom. Join me this week and discover an approach to prayer that is based on knowing God’s will and knowing what to do with complete confidence.