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Julie Castro


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Thirst No More and Bear Fruit TV Show


Julie Castro had no idea she was called into the ministry until she recounted the story about a special yellow dress she wore when she was seven years old. In that moment, God spoke to her and said, “I called you when you were seven years old.” Sharing her story with a stranger on a Sunday morning was the beginning of Julie’s ministry.
Thirst No More and Bear Fruit TV Show

Praise and Worship

Whether in a traditional church setting or in someone’s home, praise and worship is part of most gatherings of believers. This show features the Worship Warrior Team of Greater Impact Church, Joel Green, Worship Pastor, Krystal Holland, Psalmist and Worship Leader, and Michelle Penney, who opens up her home to viewers to give a glimpse of praise and worship in a more intimate setting.
Thirst No More and Bear Fruit TV Show


This show is all about sound, what we speak, instruments and all sounds that can be heard. Sound is very important when it comes to the Word of God. Scripture states that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. We'll look at 2 aspects of sound and how they affect our spiritual life.
Thirst No More and Bear Fruit TV Show


Prayer is a way to communicate with the Lord God Almighty that brings results according to God’s will for each person. This episode features Tom Schermitzler and Melissa Cadena who both speak from their heart about prayer and the effect on themselves and others.
Thirst No More and Bear Fruit TV Show


Change is a part of life and the biggest change that a person can experience is being born again. In this episode, two different ministries, share how they are instilling change in people. Jayme Parkinson, and Brian and Yolanda Ewing talk about how their respective ministries are changing the lives of others.
Thirst No More and Bear Fruit TV Show

Set The Captives Free

The consequences of natural or man-made laws (vs spiritual or God given laws) can lead to incarceration. This show features two women who are making a difference in the lives of incarcerated men in prison.