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Robert Flournoy


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Now Is The Time TV Show

Victorious Women's Life Group

Robert Flournoy interviews four women from the Victorious Women's Life Christian Group that has great testimonies of the life they came FROM. Be blessed as you watch this show and learn how Jesus' love for you is second to none.
Now Is The Time TV Show

Samuel "Dido Brown" Terrado

Dido Brown, a Christian Rapper. To best describe his genre, would be to say it is mystique, Latin hip hop. He shines the light of Christ on the street; the mentality, social struggles, and the harsh ills of true ghetto living. He leaves no stone unturned, brings depth, and brutal honesty to all his rhymes.
Now Is The Time TV Show

Dustin Lam

We all have our excuses of not doing what we know to do. But the word "Excuse" is not even in Dustin Lam's vocabulary. Be inspired as you watch someone with a handicap overcome life's obstacles and not pay attention the excuses that get in the way.