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We're about promoting your ministry, gifts and talents, not about promoting ourselves. We believe that if we depend upon God, promote your TV show, God will take care of the network growth, which is what He's doing. We are welcoming new Broadcasters who would like to share your God-given Gifts to a large audience. We are offering 1/2 hour spots and 1 hour spots.

When you join us, we'll add you to our program schedule in many platforms. We offer placement in our local TV channel. We offer each Broadcaster video and audio exposure in many internet platforms (currently in over 130 countries), such as websites, mobile apps, iTunes, social media and more. Our Broadcasters are in multiple mobile apps, here in America, London and Czech Republic, and growing each month.

We can build you a website, if needed, and link it to our own website. We'll create your own Ministry Landing page located on our website. We'll load all your videos in YouTube and Vimeo (the world’s 2 largest video sites), so both you and we can share and promote your ministry. We also offer the option to turn your video into an MP3 and insert your messages into our podcast programming that reaches around the world. Whether at home, in your office, or on the go, we'll expose your ministry to the world.

 For information regarding weekly or bi-monthly pricing, along with a list of other benefits that we offer,  contact us through email at:

We Offer WorldWide Exposure of your ministry to touch 10,000's around the world.

Over 130 CountriesWe are expanding to new areas weekly

Internet ExposureWorldwide Web plus many social media platforms

TelevisionYour show on ROKU Internet TV and a local TV channel

PodcastsYour podcasts on multiple mobile apps and iTunes

Offering to Broadcasters.

TV Channel Placement
Video Exposure
Podcast Exposure
International Cable TV Exposure
Ministry Landing Page

Even More.

Ministry Video Commercial
Social Media Exposure
Placement in Mobile Apps
Network's iTunes Channel
Access to Website and Graphic Design

And Yet More.

Multiple Selling Avenues
You Keep 95% of YOUR Profits
Use of a Network of Ministers
Network of Book Authors

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