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Trish Steele

Safe Passage founder Trish Steele discusses her calling to help women leave abusive situations. Pastor Lee Benton discusses how God has led the way to a highly successful non-profit that saves countless numbers of women each year.
Victory Road TV Show

Jo-El Ramirez

Special Guest Jo-El Ramirez, Producer of Joy In My House internet radio show and world famous martial arts Instructor to the Stars and our Military. A great testimony from drugs, sex, alcohol to the arms of Jesus.
Victory Road TV Show

Paul Sorvino

Tall, dark and imposing American actor Paul Sorvino has made a solid career of portraying authority figures. Watch this inspiring interview with Lee Benton, and see what he and his wife are up to now.<
Victory Road TV Show

Tim Storey

Acclaimed author, speaker and life coach. Tim Storey is well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment to executives, celebrities and athletes, to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the country.
Victory Road TV Show

Sam Houston

Sam Houston, a world wrestling champion, aka Michael Sam Houston, has an amazing story regarding God saving his life. An inspirational story well worth viewing.

Victory Road TV Show

Terry Holbrook

Special Guest Terry Holbrook, Model, Actress, Professional Cheerleader for the Houston Oilers, Entrepreneur tells of her wealth to rags and how God helped her back to wealth again.
Victory Road TV Show

Lynda Long

Special Guest Lynda Kay Long, Author and Activist for Victims of Child Abuse, now helping hurting people across the world who have loved ones Incarcerated. Don't miss her riveting story of horrific childhood abuse and the loss of a brother sentenced to execution.
Victory Road TV Show

Brad Murray

Brad Murray is the Founding Consultant of a very successful Faith Based Co. called, "Zeal For Life” Wellness. He makes us laugh and cry with his incredible Victory story. Brad tells us how he went from his lost and wayward past to becoming a dedicated servant of God.
Victory Road TV Show

Danno Petersen

Danno Petersen is the youngest person in the whole continent of Africa to go to college at 11 yr old. He is now 14 yrs old and considered the “fastest hands” of all drummers and endorsed by other famous drummers.
Victory Road TV Show

David Novak

Actor David Novak shares how his Christian faith has helped him through adversity in both his life and career. Pastor Lee Benton talks about David’s Victory story.

Victory Road TV Show

David Heavener

David Heavener is an American singer, songwriter, director, actor, composer, producer and writer. He talks with Pastor Lee Benton about his victory story.
Victory Road TV Show

Robert Condraschi

Robert Condraschi tells us how he was originally inspired to open his successful business for his son, Constantine…who was not able to sleep or breathe properly. Children suffer from this disease every day….even resulting in death.
Victory Road TV Show

Kim Sill

Kim Sill, Actress, worked under cover with Last Chance for Animals for four years investigating pet shops selling puppy mill dogs. Her work with Cesar Millan on The Dog Whisperer gained her national attention.
Victory Road TV Show

Betty Dietz

As a little girl, Betty Dietz was a Pearl Harbor survivor who lived a life of fear, abuse & shame but with God’s help, she was able to overcome it all & live a happy life of freedom & peace.
Victory Road TV Show

Lou Ferrigno

As an actor, he is best known for portraying the title role in the CBS television series, The Incredible Hulk. His most recent roles include a part in the 2009 feature film, I Love You, Man, and season five of the reality series, Celebrity Apprentice.

Victory Road TV Show

Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen is an actor, singer & teenage idol from The Donna Reed Show., former child star who played Jeff Stone. In 1990, Paul formed A Minor Consideration, a child-actor support group and it has had a tremendously positive and profound effect in Hollywood.
Victory Road TV Show

Nick Vujicic

You've seen him in person, you've heard of him through friends, now see him give his testimony on the Faith Unveiled Network; Nick Vujicic. After witnessing this man's testimony of no body limbs whatsoever, you'll never make an excuse again.
Victory Road TV Show

Dea Viola

Born in Brazil, dedicating her life to the Arts as a young girl, Dea Viola is a mom, entrepreneur, and dedicated volunteer for Humanity Healing International. She talks with Pastor Lee Benton about her many victory stories, and how the birth of her 4th child strengthened her faith even more.
Victory Road TV Show

Jozy Pollock

Jozy became the British "Hula-Hoop Queen" in her youth, then married American magician Channing Pollock and moved to the United States, where they performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Jozy Pollock shouldn't be alive today. She should have been at Sharon Tate's home on that warm summer night of August 8th, 1969, when a terrible murder took place.
Victory Road TV Show

Singer Carman

CARMAN - Christian Singer, Recording Artist, Actor, Producer, and Writer. There's no way you can classify a Carman song by its style but rather by the shear blunt-force impact delivery in a person's life, with an unmistakable Gospel message.

Victory Road TV Show

Actor Thomas Gunter

Actor, Producer, Model, Thomas Gunter has a fabulous story of how God redirected him back to his Victory Road. From serving on the Navy Aircraft Carrier Kittyhawk, to serving God, watch this amazing story of what God can do for us all, if we allow him to guide us.
Victory Road TV Show

Marisa Kenson

If fashion is your love, this show is a must. The award winning designer Marisa Kenson, not only has a love for fashion, she has a love for God. Her style not only builds confidence in women, but empowers them to move forward in life, assisting in reaching their goals.
Victory Road TV Show

Pastor Mike Hudgins

Our exciting guest on this show, Pastor Mike Hudgins, started Vineyard Community Church, and the Mercy Warehouse years ago.
Victory Road TV Show

Freddie Pool

Freddie Pool, world famous singer formerly with The Supremes & now touring across the world with Three Degrees, shares the miraculous story of how her grandson was born dead.
Victory Road TV Show

Jacov Bresler

Jacov Bresler, Producer, Director and former Hollywood manager to the Stars, tells us his story of the journey to success after arriving in Hollywood from Israel.

Victory Road TV Show

The Hudsons

We're sure you've heard of Katy Perry; but what about her parents? The Hudsons are world famous Evangelists & Published Authors…and Pop Singer - Katy Perry’s parents. Be inspired as you see the mission they are fulfilling with their ministry, proclaiming the gospel.
Victory Road TV Show

Actor David Fralick

Victory Road with Lee Benton & Special Guest - Actor David Shark Fralick - Star of "The Young And Restless" & approx 100 films. David tells what it’s like to be a Christian in Hollywood, and the work he does with various charities, helping people & pets, to give back to God.
Victory Road TV Show

Actor Burt Ward

If you've ever seen the original hit TV series, Batman, you'll know who Adam West and Burt Ward are: Batman and Robin. Watch this outstanding testimony of what Burt Ward is up to. You'll enjoy him and his wife, and they do the work of the Lord.
Victory Road TV Show

Actress Terry Moore

Her own star on Hollywood Blvd, nominated for an Oscar, Actress Terry Moore started acting at an early age. In 1940, she was 11 years old when she made her first film debut. Once married to Howard Hughes, and starred next to Jimmy Dean, Marilyn Monroe and others.
Victory Road TV Show

Betty Green

One of Lee Benton's personal mentors, Betty Green is a worldwide evangelist. She established the Prayer Mountains with Koreans, and has led many souls to Christ. You'll be inspired as you watch and listen to her testimony of how God can turn a heart from sin, into purity.

Victory Road TV Show

Tim Mehl

A man that has gone through unspeakable tragedies and trials, more than what anyone should have to go through in life. Watch and be inspired as Tim Mehl gives his Victory story.
Victory Road TV Show

Isaac Hernandez

A Producer, Director born in Tijuana, Mexico that immigrated into the USA at the age of 9. Isaac Hernandez was called by God at the age of 11 and grew into his call in life. At that age, he started on the path of his career that God has blessed.
Victory Road TV Show

Sheila Zellers

Our guest today, Sheila Zellers is a successful business woman, author and singer. Her testimony of an opened Gideon Bible one night in a hotel room, that changed her life, is worthy of attention.
Victory Road TV Show

Spice Williams Crosby

A longtime friend, mentor, and fitness trainer to Lee Benton, Spice Williams Crosby, offers a tremendous testimony. She is an actress, stunt woman, martial artist, singer, musician and much more. You'll have fun watching this exciting show.
Victory Road TV Show

Joel Mcleod

Our guest, Joel McLeod has many titles such as Master Teacher, Apostle, Educator, Author, Prophet and more. As he travels the world, he shines the Light of the Lord into many lives. Be encouraged as his humility pulls you into the victory of what God has for your life.

Victory Road TV Show

Dr Rose Parker

Authur, Keynote Speaker, Dr Rose Parker, reaching out to people across the world with her testimony. She is the very first women to be release from prison after being convicted of murder. Serving 17 years convicted of a crime that she should have never been convicted of. Here this powerful testimony.
Victory Road TV Show

Sara Daraie

Born in Iran, under a very strict Muslim family, her parents sent her to live with her grandmother, then suffering with abandonment issues. Her brother being raised under Islamic rules, began to abuse her, showing her that men were in control. She grew up marrying a Muslim man, where life did not change for her.
Victory Road TV Show

Angela White

Meet Angela White, with an amazing journey in life, being a producer and executive producer. She holds the title of being the first African American Female Producer in the faith based movie industry. Her latest movie is A Question of Faith.
Victory Road TV Show

Amber Brooke Taylor

Recording Country Artist, Amber Brooke Taylor, from Nashville, gives a great testimony of a miracle that occurred in her life. After the doctor pinched a nerve in her neck during birth, she became paralyzed, and her mother being a God fearing women, began to pray.
Victory Road TV Show

Rose Sakuda

Rose Sakuda debuts her story on Victory Road regarding the difference she's making in many lives in Kenya, Africa. "Hope for the Future Africa" Founder & President - is helping young girls escape the evil practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) a.k.a. Female Circumcision.

Victory Road TV Show

Curtis Earthquake Kelly

Heavyweight Boxer Curtis Earthquake Kelly has come from a life of drugs, an abusive childhood to reaching out to the lost as an evangelist. He's got a great message of what God did for him.
Victory Road TV Show

The Hairabedians

Founder of Heart of America Prison Ministry, the Hairabedians, David and Joanna, are also both book authors, reaching out to the lost that have ended in prison.
Victory Road TV Show

Phil Aguilar

Phil Aguilar, from the streets of drugs to the streets of evangelism, calls himself a Friend to Sinners. Now serving as a Pastor of Set Free Ministries, Phil shares his testimony.
Victory Road TV Show

Kristin Macdonald

Kristin Macdonald's story will take you to tears, of what God has done in her life. Holding a vision of going to Hollywood, God brought that to past; and her testimony of all that she is doing to inspire people to not give up, needs to be heard.
Victory Road TV Show

Escaping Castro

An amazing story of Dr Robert Cadalso, and what he has gone through from Cuba, to America. An organization called Operation Peter Pan, escaping Fidel Castro's communist rule. He and his siblings, at a young age, came by themselves without parents.

Victory Road TV Show

Racing Champions

This is an adrenaline rush, championship racers show. Lee goes on location to interview world champion racers that all have a Road To Victory story.
Victory Road TV Show

Racing Champions 2

Part 2. This is an adrenaline rush, championship racers show. Lee goes on location to interview world champion racers that all have a Road To Victory story.
Female MMA World Champion

Female MMA Champ

Our guest, an incredible world champion of Female MMA fighting, The Colombian Queen, Sabina Mazo. Undefeated at the age of 21, she fights because it's her passion, and not concerned about the championship.
Super Hero Mark A Ciarlante

Super Hero Ciarlante

Super Hero Mark A Ciarlante - The Tigerman; This amazing man is changing so many children's lives in schools, teaching them LOVE and to put an end to bullying. RAH - Reject All Hate!
Producers Brian Roland and Dan Wheeler

Movie Producers

At the National Religious Broadcaster's Conference, Lee Bention interviews Producers Brian Roland and Dan Wheeler. They both give their testimony of how God directed their lives, and how they ended up together.

Alveda King, Ashley Bratcher, Abby Johnson, and Ray Comfort

NRB Interviews

ALVEDA KING (Martin Luther King’s Niece) Pro Life Activist, Producer & Actress; Producer of ROE V. WADE the Movie, “UNPLANNED” Movie – ABBY JOHNSON – Published Author & ASHLEY BRATCHER – Actress; and RAY COMFORT – Pro Life Activist, Evangelist & Film Producer of “7 REASONS.” Attending the National Religious Broadcaster's Conference, Lee has the opportunity to interview stellar guests that are changing the face of Christian television.
Cameron Arnett, Shari Rigby, Nancy Stafford and Nina May

More NRB Interviews

Actor Cameron Arnett and Actress Shari Rigby of OVERCOMER film, and Actress and Director, Nancy Stafford FIRST LADY film, and Actress and Director, Writer, Nina May from FIRST LADY and DAILY BREAD TV Series.