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Family Research Council

The guest today is Tony Perkins, founder of the Family Research Council. Their bus tour goes throughout the cities of America encouraging people to vote and how to vote.
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Dennis Prager

Today's discussion with Dennis Prager, is regarding the attack on America's Exceptionalism. Exceptionalism comes from the phrase that we see throughout America - In God We Trust. We also discuss the outrages ways of how America has accepted taking the life of a child.
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Public Schools

The discussion today is with Mary Hasson, talks about why parents should pull their children out of public schools. Our second guest, Matt McReynolds, today also discusses the dangers of public schools.
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National Security

Our guest, always on Fox News, Frank Gaffney, is from the Center of Security Policy to our President. Here what the top issues are. Our second guest, Kevin Snider, speaks of a huge win for our freedom of speech law AB775 deals with the right of abortion.
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Churches Under Attack

The Trail of Life USA director, Mark Hancock, explains how this organization is replacing the Boy Scouts. Also, Churches are under attack, throughout America, even in the Bible Belt.

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Freedom of Religion in Texas

Today show discusses religious freedom with Rep. Matt Krause, in the state of Texas. In the second half, the discusses involves Salinas, CA - a city that is refusing to allow a church to move into a property.
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Marriage Versus Living Together

Today's topic is regarding Marriage in America. There are so many people, especially Millennials, that are deciding to just live together without being married. This is something we should be concerned about, and listen to what it does to families.
The Dacus Report

Christians Being Sued

The first discussion, Matt McReynolds talks about what Christians are allowed to do during Christmas time that will not offend anyone in today's society. Also Christians that are working in the marketplace are often intimidated and ridiculed at the place of emploment. Here the story of a man who is being sued for having a Bible study at his job.
Tax Time for Christians

Tax Time for Christians

Depending on how we file our taxes, there are many benefits on leaving a legacy for God, for you and your children. In the studio today, our guest,Guy Baker of the Wealth Teams Alliance will clue us in on what, and how to file our taxes.
Defending The Attacks on Churches in America

Attacks on Churches

Defending churches in America is a hot topic today. Churches are under heavy attack in the politic realm of society, and many just want churches to go away. The discussion today is how churches are being defended under the US law.

School's Curriculum Starting In California

School's Curriculum

California is forcing their curriculum agenda upon our children and pushing their LGBT education in the the minds of children. If California succeeds, this will sweep across the nation. It's time to take action now.
Home Schooling and Being Wrongfully Terminated

Home Schooling

Today's show discusses two topics, Home Schooling, and how it is being attacked. Also, the second topic discusses Professors being wrongfully terminated because of their Christianity.
75th US Attorney General

75th US Atrny General

Today's topic is a conversation with the 76th US Attorney General, Edwin Meese III, that served under President Ronald Reagan. Also dealing with people on life support, not abortion, but on life support and Doctors want the right to remove patients from life.
2018 Case Studies of Victory

Cases of Victory

Today's show discusses the top 5 court victories of Pacific Justice Institute. All of these cases have been won without any cost to the person who has the case. Watch to see what cases have been won just in case you, or you know someone who may be suffering from injustice.
First Pro-Choice Clinic in New York

Pro-Choice Clinic

Pastor Tim Mercaldo of Gateway Church in the state of New York, is our guest today. Tim discusses the project his father developed, the first Pro-Choice Christian clinic. The second part of the show deals with a law that the state of Washington wants to pass - monitoring your children to adulthood.

Joy and Happiness

Joy and Happiness

Today's discussion with Barry Meguiar is about how to have fullness of joy and happiness, with everything attacking the church. Second part of the show discusses High Schools are now beginning to harass Christian clubs, and trying to push them out.
Teenagers Want More Rights

Teenagers Want More Rights

Today teenagers want more rights, but are they the rights that parents want them to have? The state of California wants law that give children life changing decisions. But first, can Jewish individuals honor their faith where they live?


First we talk about the movie called UNPLANNED. Also what would you do if the life of YOUR child was hanging on the balance? This is the fact of where we are in the USA, in many circumstances.
Activist Mommy

Activist Mommy

Elizabeth Johnston is out to win the fight for family, faith and freedom. In a world where religious liberty is under attack, author Elizabeth Johnston shares how she fights back in her latest work Not on My Watch.
Chris Jones, Producer of UNPLANNED Movie

Chris Jones

The first half of the show in Chris Jones, the producer of the movie, Unplanned. We discussed this topic once, and now interviewing the producer. Second half, we address a law that will directly infringe upon the rights of a minister's message.

Discussion of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

What?!? More members of the Supreme Court? The first half of the show, Brad Dacus discusses an attack against the American justice; the concept of adding more Judges to the Supreme Court, and the second part of the show discuss Christian Boarding Schools.
Parental Rights Being Taken Away

Parental Rights Taken Away

First, Artis, a Veteran's widow and a Messianic Jew under attack. Then, What would you do if you lived in a state where the government had a right to come in and decide whether or not you were good enough to keep your child? Do you live in the state of Washington?
Join the Presidential Prayer Team

Presidential Prayer Team

Second half of show, an UPDATE on Artis, a Veteran's widow and a Messianic Jew under attack. But first, an interview with Jim Bolthouse, the president of Presidential Prayer Team.
Matt Johnson of KWAVE

Matt Johnson of KWAVE

KWAVE has played a huge part in the marketing of the Dacus Report getting across America. We also talk about colleges that are being attacked.
Are Christian Schools Safe

Are Christian Schools Safe

Society has parents wondering where their child should go to school. As Christians, we assume that a private Christian school would be the safest - or are they?

Speaking with Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA, we've seen them in the news and on Facebook. Turning Point targets high school and college campuses to educate students regarding Christian values.
Are Libraries Safe Any More

Are Libraries Safe?

Are libraries safe for your children any more? Most parents are not even aware that libraries allow Transgenders to read stories to them - stories that are not Biblical correct.
An Expert on The Topic of Marijuana

Marijuana Expert

An expert on the topic of Marijuana, Dr Vincent Forenasce, a Neurologist, gives some great insight on the effects of legal marijuana. Also free speech is being attacked, and how we can fight for our freedom.
Attacks on Christian Boarding Schools

Christian Schools

In California, there was a massive raid against a Christian Boarding School, like they were criminals. The second half of the show is discussing the Democrats that are attacking the first amendment.
Attacks on Public Schools

Public Schools

The attacks on public schools is not only happening in California, but not across other states. You can help fight the battle against freedom of religion on your child's school.

Pastoral Attitudes Hurting Religious Freedom

Pastoral Attitudes

The first half of the show we're discussing the attitudes that pastors have taken on and how it's effecting Christian Freedom. In the second part of the show, it's a critical issue today, pending now before the 9th District court, not dealing with the unborn, but dealing with babies born alive.
Attacks on Religious Freedom

Attacks on Religious Freedom

The first case today discusses the state of Washington removing 2 women from a PUBLIC library. The second discussion is about 2 men being arrested for preaching on the sidewalks of Las Vegas.
Attacks on Free Speech

Attacks on Free Speech

The latest survey states that 55% of the Millennials believe that free speech is only for those that do not offend you. This is what is being indoctrinated into society. What can we do about this?
Censoring Christian Material

Censoring Christian Material

You're not going to like what Amazon is doing! This diabolical action is against what the Constitution is about and at the same time, attacking Biblical truth. Hear from the Family Research Council.
Greg Laurie and Evangelism

Greg Laurie and Evangelism

Greg Laurie discusses, on today's show, evangelism, and what it can do in God's Kingdom. Let's talk about you taking advantage of evangelizing in your area.

Transgender School Programs

Transgender School Programs

The Liberal Vs Christian Values war continues. This show is regarding transgender school programs that are popping up in California, and how they are affecting children.