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Family Research Council

The guest today is Tony Perkins, founder of the Family Research Council. Their bus tour goes throughout the cities of America encouraging people to vote and how to vote.
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Dennis Prager

Today's discussion with Dennis Prager, is regarding the attack on America's Exceptionalism. Exceptionalism comes from the phrase that we see throughout America - In God We Trust. We also discuss the outrages ways of how America has accepted taking the life of a child.
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Public Schools

The discussion today is with Mary Hasson, talks about why parents should pull their children out of public schools. Our second guest, Matt McReynolds, today also discusses the dangers of public schools.
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National Security

Our guest, always on Fox News, Frank Gaffney, is from the Center of Security Policy to our President. Here what the top issues are. Our second guest, Kevin Snider, speaks of a huge win for our freedom of speech law AB775 deals with the right of abortion.
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Churches Under Attack

The Trail of Life USA director, Mark Hancock, explains how this organization is replacing the Boy Scouts. Also, Churches are under attack, throughout America, even in the Bible Belt.
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Freedom of Religion in Texas

Today show discusses religious freedom with Rep. Matt Krause, in the state of Texas. In the second half, the discusses involves Salinas, CA - a city that is refusing to allow a church to move into a property.
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Marriage Versus Living Together

Today's topic is regarding Marriage in America. There are so many people, especially Millennials, that are deciding to just live together without being married. This is something we should be concerned about, and listen to what it does to families.
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Christians Being Sued

The first discussion, Matt McReynolds talks about what Christians are allowed to do during Christmas time that will not offend anyone in today's society. Also Christians that are working in the marketplace are often intimidated and ridiculed at the place of emploment. Here the story of a man who is being sued for having a Bible study at his job.