ON DEMAND With Hope and Joy

Dr. Jim Dykes


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Hope and Joy

Hope and Joy

This is Hope and Joy's premier episode discussing the title of the show, Hope and Joy. It is the wish of the author that the God of hope give you continuous joy.
Hope and Joy


By the time you watch this short 15 minutes Biblical counseling show, you'll understand that anxiety does not have to be a part of your life. With our trust in God, and His Word, we do not have to be anxious for anything.
Hope and Joy

Our Words Matter

Our words guide the path in our life. Our words matter, each one. When they align with the Word of God, we'll begin to mold our life.
Relationship with Christ

Relationship with Christ

It is our hope that we have an intimate relationship with Christ. It is this relationship that will carry us through our lives, through the ups and downs.
Forgiveness Brings Us Closer To God's Blessings


By the end of this 15 minute video, you'll understand the subject of Forgiveness. It's possible that you'll be closer to God's blessings when you learn to forgive. You'll certainly be closer to freedom.
Discouragement Strips Our Lives


By the end of this 15 minute video, you'll understand the subject of Discouragement. Knowing how discouragement can strip our lives of joy and hope, we can learn to overcome it by placing our trust in Christ.
Prayer in Our Daily Lives Lead To God's Blessings


Prayer, designed by God, is an instrument in which He draws us closer to Him, a relationship with Himself. Prayer brings us to a point of intimate trust and security with our Heavenly Father. It's important to develop your prayer life daily.
The Love of God

Love of God

Dr. Dykes discussion today is all about the LOVE of Christ. Love one another because it's what God is all about. We should love each other, as we love ourselves. God is Love ... great message.