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The Bullying Side

The Bullying Side

Actor Quinton Aaron from The Blind Side knows first-hand the struggles of obesity and bullying as he experienced both as a young man.
Living The Dream, Not Living At All

Living The Dream, Not

Imagine having everything you've ever dream of, but still feeling lonely, and desperate enough to take your own life. Our guest today, Jason Davis, President of One One 7, shares his testimony of being in the music industry and finding God.
Plant Based Athlete John Salley

Plant Based Athletes

In the world of sports, some argue that a Plant Based Athlete can't compete on the same level as the pros. NBA Star, John Salley proves it wrong. Here his testimony, and challenge to us all.
The Subject of Having a Stroke

Having a Stroke

Chances are you know someone who's had a stroke. There are over 600,000 new stroke victims each year. It's the fifth leading cause of death in America. Let's watch to prevent one.
Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

This subject is difficult to discuss, but must be. It's hard to wrap our head around it happening in the USA, not to mention other countries. There is hope along as we continue confronting it.

The Subject of Autism with Ed Asner

Autism with Ed Asner

That child playing in the corner alone, in the class room, might be shy loner. Or he could have a condition known as autism. There is a hyper-sensitivity with sounds, sights, smells and more. Ed Asner and his son discuss the subject.
The Subject of Depression


Feeling Depress? We all get that way sometime. It's estimated that Americans spend over $50 BILLION on therapy, per YEAR. A must watch to see what our answer is.
The Subject of ADHD


Over 5 million kids in America today have ADHD. However there is a lot of controversy about how it should be treated. Medication is the default, but is there a better way?
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