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Real Life with the Parris’


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The Parris Family


Welcome to the first episode of the Parris family. The difference with this family, it is led by God. As you watch this episode, you'll learn a little about this family.
The Parris Family

The Parris' Businesses

A day of the life of the Parris family. Natacha discusses her time of going back to work after 11 years of being a house mom. We also get to look into the depth of what Alex does for the community.
The Parris Family

Daughter Nataijah Gets Real

Daughter, Nataijah Parris opens up and becomes very real in this episode. So much that you'll be saying to yourself, Girl, does your momma know you're saying this? Keeping it real with life.
The Parris Family

Mom's Birthday

Celebrating her birthday, the family takes mom out shopping. She finally gets that Apple watch she's been wanting. As with each show, walk with the Parris family.
The Parris Family

Family Goes Shopping

From shopping to the gym, to singing songs of praise in a leisure atmosphere, a Parris' brings their life to you. Listen to a special message at the end.
The Parris Family

A Day at the Dentist

A family day at the dentist, following someone heading to the recruiting office! Afterwards, some inspiration worthy of our hearts.
The Parris Family

Thanksgiving Day and Baptisms

Share Thanksgiving Day with the Parris family - be careful though, you might be exercising before the day starts. Also you can rejoice as two of the children dedicate their lives with water baptism.