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This Day with BJ Arnett

Dooley and Mike, and Renee Berry

Dooley and Mike discuss their very popular radio show, and how they started. Renee Berry, diagnosed with cancer, authored a book titled Invite Him In. She discusses her journey with this disease in this book.
This Day with BJ Arnett

Online Dating and The Love of God

Ever think you're in a position in life, and think you have it all together? One of the guest today, D. L. Garren discusses her book, Who Is The Real Man Behind the Screen. Second part of the show is all about the love of God, and the journey with someone else.
This Day with BJ Arnett

Searching Your Dream and Changing Diet

Looking for that big dream in your life, you must change some things in your life to head in the right direction. Our first guest today, May Patterson discusses the seeking of a familiar face. BJ Arnett''s second guest, Renee Beavers discusses the topic of changing your diet.
This Day with BJ Arnett

STEM and Lessons in College

With an outstanding mind, Stephanie Espy , has embarked on the technology of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). What is it? Our second guest, Nysi Kilgore, discusses her book titled: God Is ... Lessons Learned About God in College.
Photography to Knowing The Bible

Photography to The Bible

Nancy McDonald is our first guest. A photographer that takes her photos and makes greeting cards of them. Our second guest, Michael Gradey discusses knowing the Bible, and what it can do for your life, from home to the outside world.
Help Our Children

Help Our Children

Need an uplifting story on how to help our children? Many ideas, good or not so good, take place in the hearts and minds of children that we may not aware of. Watch how Nick Sayler became involved with his testimony of the steps his father put him in.