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Dr Roger Spradlin


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Caring Enough to Confront

Caring to Confront

Today Pastor Spradlin finishes his series on the book of James. Today's teaching is about caring enough to confront. Maybe we have a family member or friend that needs to be confronted about their sin. This will show you how.
The Importance of Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading

Pastor Roger Spradlin's son in law, Bruce Budsby brings today's word to us. He'll inspire you the message of the Importance of Daily Bible Reading.
Sunday Is On It's Way

Sunday Is On It's Way

Pastor Roger Spradlin gives us inspirational Easter, Resurrection Day message.
Genesis of Jesus

Genesis of Jesus

Digging into the four Gospels about the understanding of Jesus. From Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Pastor Spradlin begins to explain the genealogy of Jesus.
Who Is Jesus

Who Is Jesus

Looking into the back story of Jesus, Pastor Spradlin teaches about the roles of Mary and Joseph to discover who Jesus is.

A Mother's Day Message

Mother's Day

Pastor Spradlin gives an inspirational message to all the mothers today. Watch and your spirit will be lifted just knowing you're a mother. This won't hurt the fathers at all.